Going through a divorce is usually a very emotional and terrifying experience. It’s not enough that your attorney protects your rights; you need to know what they are. You can spend numerous hours perusing the internet for information about divorce or you can spend one evening learning everything you need to know, including practical advice not found on the internet and having your questions answered, too. Nowhere else can you obtain so much information about divorce in one place and for so little cost to you.

“This seminar was created as a result of my own experience going through a divorce before I became an attorney. If I had known then what I know now, my experience would have been much different. The most important thing I learned during my divorce is that in the divorce area, money is power and knowledge is power. You cannot always be in control of your money but you can be in control of your knowledge.

I can’t turn the clock back now but I can provide anyone contemplating divorce with the information I wish I had known then. Since 1992, the knowledge gained from attending my seminar has empowered hundreds of men and women contemplating divorce with the information and resources necessary to make an informed decision.”

— Beverly Cohen

The seminar is designed for anyone who is contemplating filing for divorce but does not know what to expect. In a non-threatening and non-intimidating setting, Beverly covers over 20 topics including alimony, child support, custody, visitation, property division, contempt, and modification. You will also learn both legal and practical ways to protect yourself, your children, and your property. The seminar lasts 2-1/2 to 3 hours.
For upcoming seminar dates, email [email protected] or call 770-998-5988.

Marietta Community School
Marietta High School
1171 Whitlock Avenue
Marietta, GA 30064

To register, go to www.mariettacommunityschool.com or contact Annette Kouba at [email protected] or 770-429-3170 ex. 3306.