Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and support. I never could have gotten through this without you.
— Sue
Thank you for your help in the court room. Your suggestion of the “Income Deduction Order” was a saving grace.... I appreciate your advice and support. God has put someone in place every time I’ve gone to court and needed assistance. Thank you for being there when I needed an angel. God bless you, your business and your family. Thank you.
— Debbie
I want you to know how much I appreciate what you are willing to do by conducting the seminars “before filing for a divorce.” I wish I had been to one of your seminars before I filed. I will recommend it to other women. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not just what we don’t know that can hurt us but also what we know that “just ain’t so.” I admire your honesty and willingness to help others. Thank you.
— Margaret
Thank you ever so much for your kindness, guidance, and patience. Peace be with you always.
— Laura
Thanks so much for the wonderful seminar you conducted this evening. I learned so much and reaffirmed some things I thought I knew and you dispelled several misconceptions!
— Irene
Just a small note to say thank you—especially for your generosity. May 2010 be all you want it to be. Thanks again.
— Kathy
Thank you once again for your help, advice, and support the last 12 months during my divorce process.
— Darrell
Just wanted to say thanks for everything!
— Marissa
I’m still very happy with my divorce. Thanks for all your help.
— Linda
Thank you for all the dedication you have given my case.
— Catherine
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